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Governor Lew Wallace

Lewis “Lew” Wallace served as Territorial Governor from 1878 to 1881.  After a long career in the United States Army, he had been appointed as Governor in the fall of 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes.  Wallace had previously earned a reputation as being an effective leader in both civil and military situations.  He succeeded […]

George W. Malone, Esq. (1875-1949)

Born in 1875 in the Reconstructionist Southern state of Mississippi, George W. Malone led an inspiring journey to become the first African American attorney licensed in New Mexico. Malone was first licensed in Mississippi, then New Mexico, then Kansas. after NM GW went to Kansas City, NM, died 1945 Married Bessie Gilmore in 1892 (insert […]

Miguel Antonio Otero I (1829-1882)

Born on June 21, 1929, in Valencia, New Mexico – what was then the first Republic of Mexico – Miguel Antonio Otero was one of the more fascinating New Mexicans. He rose to political prominence at a young age and was the second Hispanic Delegate to serve the New Mexico Territory in Congress but was […]

Alexander William Doniphan

The name Alexander Doniphan isn’t well known to the average New Mexican. I don’t remember hearing it when I took New Mexico history in fifth grade, nor do I remember it during New Mexico history at University. And nobody really speaks of him today. Nevertheless, we largely owe to Colonel Doniphan the foundation of most […]

George W. Malone: New Mexico’s first African American attorney

The following was authored by Janice Dunnahoo at the Roswell Daily Record Special to the Roswell Daily Record In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighting and recognizing notable African-American citizens who trailblazed a part of both their own history and our history here in the Southwest, as well as southeastern New Mexico. Today, […]

Senator Albert Bacon Fall

The following article is a lovely history of one of New Mexico’s first US Senators, written by our friends at: New Mexico History Blog Posted on July 16, 2019 by Texoso Albert Bacon Fall was born in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1861.  He was the son of William Fall, who had served in the Confederate Army during the Civil […]