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Governor Lew Wallace

Lewis “Lew” Wallace served as Territorial Governor from 1878 to 1881.  After a long career in the United States Army, he had been appointed as Governor in the fall of 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes.  Wallace had previously earned a reputation as being an effective leader in both civil and military situations.  He succeeded […]

George W. Malone, Esq. (1875-1949)

Born in 1875 in the Reconstructionist Southern state of Mississippi, George W. Malone led an inspiring journey to become the first African American attorney licensed in New Mexico. Malone was first licensed in Mississippi, then New Mexico, then Kansas. after NM GW went to Kansas City, NM, died 1945 Married Bessie Gilmore in 1892 (insert […]

An Act to Provide for the Protection of Property in Slaves in this Territory (1859)

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New Mexico: SECTION 1.  That every person who shall be convicted of the unlawful killing of a slave or other offence upon the person of a slave within this Territory, whether as principal or accessory, shall suffer the same pains and penalties as if […]

The Gadsden Purchase aka the Treaty of Mesilla

WHEREAS, A treaty between the United States of America and the Mexican republic was concluded and signed at the city of Mexico on the thirtieth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three; which treaty, as amended by the senate of the United States, and being in the English and Spanish languages, is word […]

1846 Bill of Rights as Declared by BRIGADIER GENERAL STEPHEN W. KEARNY

September 22, 1846 That the great and essential principles of liberty and free government may be recognized and established it is hereby declared: First. That all political power is vested in and belongs to the people. Second. That the people have the right peaceably to assemble for their common good, and to apply to those […]