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Martineztown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Albuquerque and is unlike anywhere else in the city. A former farming community, the boundaries now lie between Broadway Blvd & I-25 and Odelia & Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. People have been traveling through Martineztown for nearly 400 years. You can still travel the route of […]

Engle, New Mexico

There’s not much to Engle nowadays and maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Located on Highway 51, what was once a bustling town of upwards of half of a thousand people is nearly entirely deserted today. While the BNSF railway goes right through town and the headquarters of Armendaris Ranch (owned by Ted Turner) […]

Alexander William Doniphan

The name Alexander Doniphan is rarely spoken in New Mexico. I don’t remember hearing it when I took New Mexico history in fifth grade, nor do I remember it during New Mexico history at University. Then again, I don’t remember much from college. Nevertheless, we largely owe to Colonel Doniphan the foundation of most New […]

Senator Albert Bacon Fall

The following article is a lovely history of one of New Mexico’s first US Senators, written by our friends at: New Mexico History Blog Posted on July 16, 2019 by Texoso Albert Bacon Fall was born in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1861.  He was the son of William Fall, who had served in the Confederate Army during the Civil […]